Nanci Lyn Moore - bar menu... bar...
.women's hair cut.                            .$35.
.blow out.                                        .$25.
.do up.                                            .$50+.
.full curls.                                        .$35+.
                                   .style treats.
                                         .these can be added on to any style service.
                                                 . moisture treatment.                 .$10.
                                                     . protein treatment.                    .$10.
...color bar...
.full colour.                                     .$75+.
.colour retouch.                              .$60+.
.full lighten + tone.                          .$100+.
.full foils.                                       .$115+.
.partial foils.                                   .$95+.
.foils + colour.                                 .$125+.
.toner.                                            .$10.
.colour correction.                          .by consultation.
.custom clip in extentions.               .by consultation.
...colour & style bar...
.full colour & cut.                             .$95+.
.retouch colour & cut.                       .$85+.
.partial foils & cut.                           .$115+.
.full foils & cut.                               .$135+.
.color, foils, & cut.                           .$145+.
* all services include a shampoo and style.
+ color services may increase subject to the density of hair, I only charge for extra product, not for time.
                                    .colour treats.
                                          .these can be added on to any colour service.
                                               .lip gloss treatment.                   .$15.
                                                .colour candies.                 .$5 per foil.
.men's hair cut.                                     .$25.
.men's colour.                                       .$30.
.men's highlights.                                  .$40. bar...
.kid's cut. (12 and under)                      .$20.
.teen cut. (13-17)                                .$25.
.kid's foils.                                           .$5 per foil. (up to 12)
*Cancellation Policy- If you are unable to make your appointment please let me know as soon as possible. I am very flexible with rescheduling and realize that sometimes life just happens but, less than 24hrs notice may result in a cancellation fee equal to half of the cost of your total service.